Halberd Aswang

Character designer, illustrator, musician, online event organizer, and entertainer


My name is Halberd, and I'm a neurodivergent, intersex Filipino-American artist of many mediums. My pronouns are he/him, they/them, it/its, or none at all.I consider my strongest skills to be in character design and illustration. I also go by BEELETH and URINALBEAST online.If you want to read more about me as a person, see the "personal site" link in the footer or click here. Otherwise, here are some facts about me.


  • I graduated high school in 2021, and I'm in the process of enrolling into college.

  • Over my education, I passed multiple advanced art classes and studied music theory.

  • I have also taught a class on digital art, was featured in a local art show, and aided in a school production's set design.

  • English is my native language, and I have always been interested in it. I also study Spanish and Japanese in my free time. Though I'm mostly seeking to be hired/commissioned for art-related or community-related purposes, I am also open to aiding in proofreading and basic translation.

  • The last time I took the English portion of the ACT, I recieved a 36. That's the maximum score possible.

As Seen On The Web

  • I contributed a frame to the intro of Open Source Objects, a popular and influential animated series on YouTube that relies on contributions from its community. The first two episodes have over one million views as of writing this.

  • On May 12, 2019, my art was featured in the Nintendo Switch news feed for Ultimate Chicken Horse.

  • My art has been used as stickers and emojis in the official Be An Alien: Renewal server on Discord. BaA:R is a popular experience on Roblox with over 30 million visits.

  • Prior to the project's cancellation, I created the design and character artwork for Maxein.

  • I appear in the upcoming fan-made Manyland 3D Trailer as myself (...or Anvil)! Some of my custom avatars and artwork appear as well.

  • My fan art was recognized and displayed by Kikuo while the 24/7 Kikuo Radio stream was still available. He is an immensely popular Vocaloid producer with a worldwide following, and he created the most streamed Hatsune Miku song on Spotify.

  • I almost made a song for the second Garfield fan album, but I decided it was unfitting and scrapped it.


The following images and music are demonstrations of my ability as an artist that I believe accurately show the extent of my skills. If you want to see more, see my contact links or ask me directly.Characters shown here are my own unless stated otherwise in their respective captions.

Character Design

I frequently make character designs for myself, and I occasionally sell them to others. I also help redesign characters and create reference sheets for them.


Most of my artwork is done with Ibispaint, but I also use Microsoft Paint on occasion, and will also use browser-based art programs to collaborate with others.


Most of my animations are short, looping GIFs, but I hope to make full animations at some point once I find better software. The first GIF was created with Flipnote 3D, the second with Aseprite, and the last two with Ibispaint and Ezgif.


WOOLF'S THEME (BADSIDE) is an original character song I created in Pandorasbox, which is a modified version of Beepbox. I started and completed it on June 15, 2023.

Pricing and FAQ

I will draw...I will NOT draw...
humanscomplex robots/machines
furriescontroversial art
animalsserious realistic art
monstersanything to be used for AIs
simple/stylized robots/machinescontent I genuinely dislike
stylized/unrealistic gore 
existing properties/characters 
real people (usually w/ permission) 
simple/stylized backgrounds 

The Questions

What are these prices?
These are all general ideas of how much you can expect to pay for my services. They may not always be accurate, but that's why you're supposed to talk to me about it first.
No, no, what ARE these prices?
Huge fan of eating. In other words, I increased my prices in 2023 because I undercharged for my art in the past, and I also need money to become more self-sustainable.
What does my money go towards?
I'm currently unemployed for reasons beyond my control. It's not exactly a dire situation, but I live with my sick mother; even though I cook food, clean the house, and take care of the dogs, sometimes I will go a month without payment. It's hard sometimes. If I buy gifts for holidays or birthdays, I end up with almost no money to myself.
How can I pay you?
I prefer to be paid in USD through P*yp*l (censored because they hate artists). If you aren't able to use it, I may also take art, character designs, Steam games, or digital currency like Robux. I will send you my payment information once we've settled on a price and your method of payment.
If I can't offer anything at all, what can I do?
It helps to reblog my art on Tumblr (or do the equivalent on other platforms), that way other users can see and interact with my art. As well as that, I occasionally open requests and people can ask for free art (with some restrictions).
Are you available for hiring?
Please message me about it.
Can my commission/request be rejected?
Yes, but this will usually be before you have paid me, so don't worry about losing money. In the event I already accepted payment but have decided to reject your commission, I will try to give you a refund if possible.
The example images won't work for me! Why?
The example images are hosted externally due to Carrd limitations and visual cohesiveness. Your browser, internet service provider, or someone/something else may have Toyhouse or Discord blocked. I can't help you with that.
Can I ask a question and have you put it here?
Yes. Contact me and I'll answer any question you have.

Service pricing

Static Artwork

Single sketchTBATBA
Normal doodle pageTBATBA
Colored doodle pageTBATBA
Line artTBATBA
Flat-colored artTBATBA
Shaded artTBATBA
Digital paintingTBATBA

I'm also willing to discount flat-colored art and shaded art if you buy 3 or more at once with the intent of using them as emojis or stickers. You can ask for a discount when commissioning alternate versions of any non-painting from me.If you want me to draw a comic or a sequence of images, please ask me about it.


Low quality animation1$5
Animated iconTBATBA
Animated fullbodyTBATBA
Animated bannerTBATBA

Want something not listed here? Please talk to me about it and see if I'm willing to provide it.


Concept artworkTBAvaries
Pre-made designTBAvaries
Custom-made designTBA$25
Reference sheet1 2$30-50

I can also create alternate versions of reference sheets, like clothed/unclothed or alternate form versions, for an additional price.

Music, Voices, and More

Short intrumental loop1$10
Full-length instrumental1 2$25-30
Single voice recordingTBA$5
Voice acting and comic dubbing1varies

I'm also able to make covers of songs if you really want, but no guarantees about that.I prefer making instrumental music, but I use OpenUTAU for synthetic vocals. I myself will not sing in any commissioned music unless you really want me to.My voice is in an androgynous range, and is almost always monotonous. I hope to land enough voice acting roles in the future so I can create a substantial voice reel.


To contact me, you can reach me through Discord (@BEELETH) or through the email at the bottom of this page.Most of these links are listed here for attribution purposes only. If you'd like to credit me on another platform, let me know and I'll send you my username.